What is Friend

Posted: August 3, 2007 by Eva in Uncategorized

What is Friend?

friend is….

A bsolutely intriguing
B eautiful on the inside
C aring
D elightful
E xcellent
F un to be around
G ood natured
H appy (excessively!)
I nteresting
J ovial
K een and sharp like an angel (hey, they can tell you what mood in you are in just by looking at your face)
L oveable like a teddy bear
M arvelous
N ice when it comes to your needs
O penly honest with you
P artial to your thoughts and ideas
Q uick and comforting you
R adical
S weet like a kiss ( a Hershey’s kiss of course! )
T errific in lots of ways
U nderstanding
V ery kind when you are sad
W onderfully amazing
X tra special to you
Y oung at heart
Z ippy at helping you out

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